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Our typical Sabbath day meetings will be broadcast online on Z oom according to the calendar below.

Sacrament Meeting will be broadcast on the Devotional link each Sunday at 9am.

There are two options to join the live broadcast:

Option 1:

Click the appropriate button below per the meeting you are trying to access.

**NOTE**: Once you click the button, you will be redirected to Z oom, and  you will see a screen like the following image. If you don't have a Z oom account, click start from your browser as circled in red. Type your name and click Join. Then click Accept audio.


If you are having difficulties joining the broadcast, watch this video:

Option 2:

You can also call in using a cell phone or landline. Call +1 408-638-0968 OR +1 646-558-8656 and enter the meeting ID when asked.

Meetings using Devotional Link:


Sacrament Meeting

Family Sunday School

Relief Society

Young Women Class

Meeting ID: 964 3784 5287

Meetings using Zion Link:


Elders Quorum

Young Men




Meeting ID: 972 3522 5491

Meetings using Come Follow Me Link:


Come Follow Me Online

Meetings using Israel Link:


Temple/ Family History

Meeting ID: 931 7242 3186

If Z oom is having technical difficulties,  we will use Google Meet. Click the button below or go to and enter the following code. 

Meeting ID: ozr-cvdx-ymg

Z oom Calendar

Due to recent announcements, our  meetings will be online. The schedule for the Z oom meetings are found in the calendar below. Click on the events for more information regarding each meeting.

Sign up here to reserve a time slot on either the Devotional or Zion Link here:

Zoom Calendar Sign-Up

Zoom Calender
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