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Ask, commit, act, share

In an effort to gather scattered Israel, the Woodmere Ward in Loveland, CO is committed to ASKING God for direction, COMMITTING to do as the Lord directs, ACTING on our commitments, and SHARING our experiences with those around us. In following this pattern, we hope to not only help others to come unto Christ, but to also help ourselves grow closer to Christ. 


Video: Bishop Richard Bale explains the process for gathering scattered Israel

Worksheet: To assist members of the Woodmere Ward in their efforts to ask, commit, act, & share.

Examples of how to gather Israel:


President Russell M. Nelson has told us... ANYTIME you do ANYTHING to help someone on their covenant path, you are helping to Gather Israel. Including helping YOURSELF!


- Be a Friend and Neighbor
- Share produce or clippings from your garden
- Shovel the snow from a neighbor’s walk
- Put the neighbor’s trash cans away
- Host a backyard BBQ
- Invite a family to go to the park with your family
- Visit or write to someone in prison, a nursing home or a hospital

- Invite someone to watch General Conference

- Do Service

- Share a Scripture or General Conference quote on Social Media

- Walk someone’s dog

- Share the Missionaries Facebook page

- Take cookies to someone
- Check in on elderly friends or neighbors
- Help collect donations from friends for a community drive

- Talk about your Church Life
- Share a thought from a Sacrament talk

- Share a story from your Family History

- Share Photos from your Family History

- Invite someone to a service project

- Invite someone to participate with you in volunteering

- Teach someone to do Family History
- Introduce someone to FAMILY SEARCH

- Learn Indexing.

- Do MORE Indexing,

- Do Family History Research

- Prepare names for the Temple

- Ask someone for forgiveness

- Forgive someone
- Repent as needed

Bishop Bale says keep it SIMPLE. Pray for help and listen to your impressions from the Spirit. The Lord will direct you to know what you could do today

Woodmere ward

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