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Faith in Christ: The Solution to Every Problem We Face

By Boston Gubler


Faith in Jesus Christ is the solution to each and every problem that any of us is facing. Our problems might be emotional, financial, physical, social, mental, anything.

In every case, faith in Jesus Christ will help you solve your problem.

It’s okay if you’re a bit skeptical about this claim, or a little confused how it could be true.

How can faith in Jesus Christ fix every problem that I am facing?” you might ask. I hope that this will answer that question and help all of us understand and increase our faith in Jesus Christ, no matter what trials we are facing.

The reason I can so confidently say that faith in Jesus Christ is the solution to all of our problems is because I didn’t come up with it. Just last month, President Nelson said, “The answer to each of your challenges is to increase your faith.” I have thought a lot about his words and today I would like to share a few examples of how faith in Jesus Christ has been the solution to challenges and problems I have faced in my life, even ones that I never would have thought could be fixed by faith.

The Football Story

Have you ever done something that, after it happened, you just want to kick yourself? Or die from embarrassment? Or wish that you could build a time machine, go back, and stop yourself at all costs?

I’ve had plenty of moments like that, but I wanted to share one particularly memorable one with you today.

My senior year of high school, I was on my school’s student council. Our football team was playing in the State Championship, and most of the small town that I’m from had made the 4 hour trip up to Salt Lake City to watch the big game. Because of my student leadership position, I was on the front row of the student section, cheering the team on. Our football team had made it to the State Championship game for the past three years, our entire high school experience, but lost each time in the 4th quarter. This year was definitely our year.

We won the game, and as a member of the student council, I thought it my duty to lead the student section in the obligatory rushing of the field to celebrate with the team. When the final whistle blew, I jumped from the stands down onto the field, and turned around to help other students get down behind me.

What I had failed to notice were the security guards on the field, carefully watching us students and waiting to pounce. If we are being honest, I did notice them. I thought that surely if dozens of students jumped down together then they wouldn’t do anything to try and stop us.

Well, I was wrong. Only three of us jumped down at first. All I remember is reaching up to help another student one moment, and being face down in the snow with someone’s knees on my back the next.

The cheering in our section of the crowd went silent. Essentially everyone I had ever known in my entire life, including my future wife, watched as I was immobilized and then marched off the field by a security guard 1/4 my size, with the football team celebrating behind me. To say I was humiliated is an understatement. I have never felt so embarrassed in my entire life, not even 10 years later. If you had handed me a one-way ticket to a far away country right then, I would have taken it and left cheerfully to start my new life, never to return.

I learned a few things from this experience. The first is that sometimes the best thing to do as a leader is to lead from behind.