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Hearts Crafted with Love

By Louise Byrd

When the “stay at home” order was implemented in March, I asked Heavenly Father what I could do to help the older residents in my senior apartment building, Harvest Point. I would no longer be able to go into apartments to visit, do dishes, vacuum, or pet sit. No immediate answer or booming voice descended from above giving me direction! I did receive some paper hearts with spiritual thoughts written on them from a friend from my church, Jessie McKinnon.

A couple of days later, it hit me. I could make hearts for everyone with encouraging thoughts written on them. Since the building contained 80 apartments that meant 80 hearts. I experimented with many styles of hearts and decided on a large heart with a smaller heart of a different color glued onto it in the middle - creating a border.(I cut 160 hearts traced on cardstock, and then cut them out by hand.) I placed an inspirational thought, saying, or quote on each heart.

I bought magnets and put my hearts on every apartment door around midnight on Friday. Little could I have predicted the overwhelming response I received. Notes and cards thanking me for my hearts arrived.

As the weeks passed, I delivered my hearts and noticed how many residents were displaying them on their doors. Notes were taped saying, “Your hearts get me through the week. I can hardly wait to see what my heart says when I check my door on Saturday morning!”

What I thought would be an undertaking of a couple of weeks has turned out to be quite a project. I also didn’t realize the expense! Another church friend, Susy Price donated a stack of card stock paper, glue sticks, and supplies. I’m so grateful! After cutting out thousands of hearts, my right hand’s best friend is Tylenol!

I think we can all find something we can do to help ease this trying time for others around us. I try to call at least 20 people each week to let them hear a friendly voice from someone who cares. It’s something I can do from my apartment without face to face contact. What a blessing for me it has been to be able to do this.

I haven’t run out of ideas. Some hearts have little gems, or stickers, or pictures. But ALL are uplifting and MADE WITH LOVE!