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Rocky Mountain Wildflowers

by Jennfier McGoffin

You’ve heard the saying “The Mountains are Calling so I Must Go”? Yeah. That’s pretty much how I feel 24/7, and because of that, I spend a LOT of time in Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s about 45 minutes from where I live. How lucky is that? Whenever I head to “The Park,” my trusty Cannon comes with me because one of the OTHER things I love is photography. Because of all the moisture the area received earlier this year, there’s been an abundance of wildflowers in the park...seriously...more than normal, which means I’ve had the opportunity to take a buttload of pictures of wildflowers! Some of them are easy to get to. They bloom alongside the main thoroughfares, and require just a few yards of easy walking to get to. Every visitor to Rocky Mountain National Park can see them if he or she is paying even a LITTLE bit of attention, and they’ve probably been in thousands of pictures.

Then there are the wildflowers that take some effort to get to. I’ve taken some fairly long hikes into some pretty wilderness feeling areas, and have seen flowers and thought, “There’s a good chance I’m going to be the only person who sees this flower bloom. The only person who gets to appreciate its beauty.” Seriously, I’ve seen flowers growing out of a tiny crack in a rock! That’s kind of a humbling thought, you know? But you know what, the “I’m the only one who gets to see these” flowers are every bit as beautiful as the flowers that EVERYONE gets to see that are by the side of the road. They don’t care that no one sees them, or appreciates their blooms, or takes pictures of them. They are content to fulfill their purpose in the place they were planted (by wind or animals or birds), and bloom beautifully because that is who they are and what they do!

After pondering about these beautiful creations of God, I’ve come to the conclusion that I wish human beings, myself being up there at the top, could be more like wildflowers. Because ultimately the only person we are “blooming” for is God. If we never receive praise, recognition, accolades, etc, do we still bloom as beautifully? If no one is watching or will see us, will we still put forth our most beautiful colors? We should because Heavenly Father sees us. HE knows and appreciates our beauty. He LOVES us, His children, and knows each and every one of us has a beauty and place to “bloom.”

Now some wildflowers are bright, vibrant colors and are easily seen.

Some are more subdued colors...they don’t stand out as readily.

Some grow quite tall.

Some love the sunlight and others love the shade.

Some don’t grow as tall.

There are those who have to grow in groups,

and others that bloom just fine on their own.

Some have flowers that aren’t easily recognized as flowers...they look different than “normal” wildflowers.

There are flowers that people would consider past their prime, but these are vital as they are the ones that reseed their variety.

There are wildflowers on the Alpine Tundra that are so small and so delicate and so close to the ground that if you’re not looking for them, you might miss them. Most people don’t even REALIZE there are wildflowers at 12,000 feet! Because of the violent weather and lack of oxygen, these flowers HAVE to grow close to the ground in order to survive.


And I would exhort you, my beloved brethren, that ye remember that every good gift cometh of Christ.

Moroni 10: 18


I know people who fit every single description of Rocky Mountain wildflowers. Some are outgoing with vibrant personalities. (I, however, am NOT one of them!). Some are a little more subdued. Some love being in the sun and spotlight. Others love being behind the scenes in the shade. Some, because of fierce storms in life, stay pretty tight and closed off to others, and might be easily missed. Some don’t fit the “norm.” What kind of wildflower are you? I’m a tundra flower, which may be why they are my favorite to photograph. Be your most beautiful. Bloom -even if no one sees you or is watching because you are vital to Heavenly Father, who made you in His image.

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